Falling Leaves

“The leaves are falling in autumn. It is a beautiful sight as he sits in the park with her. He will remember this moment, for she may not live to see the flowers bloom again …”


Pacific Dreams

As I closed my eyes, I imagined myself sailing across the ocean, sharing my music to all I meet at the other end of the shore. That was in 1998, and now my dream is one step closer to reality.


The Garden of Eternity

This composition was never planned for this album release. But thanks to positive review, I have decided to offer this track. I cannot find words to describe the emotions I have planted in this song. I guess that’s why I am a music composer, not a writer.

(As of Oct, this song reached #6 on the SoundClick Acoustic Piano Charts)


The Flight of Life

All of us have a path to take, just like birds on a migratory flight. Along the journey, you experience danger, fatigue, and uncertainty. But above all, you experience beauty.


Song for a New Love

My new love has 88 keys. It is always there to speak my thoughts. It never asks for anything in return, only to use it to compose music.


On The Treetops

Have a seat on the treetop branches. Enjoy the breeze in your face and the view from above.


Raindrops on my piano

The most soothing sounds are often the ones created by Nature.


Lost Chance

"Time and again she gave him her trust. Time and again he lost it. Will she give him yet another chance, only for him to lose it once again?"


Never Believe In Love Again

I was once so deeply hurt by love that I decided never to love again. But who can forget the bittersweet memories of such irrational emotion?


Dreams of Tomorrow

A song I composed in 1998 when I was still pursuing my studies, it was a time of many dreams. May your tomorrow dreams come true.


Let go of your emotions that have been holding you back. Let go, so you can be free from worries from yesterdays and move on.



Spread your wings of time and fly where your memories bring you, and soar where your future holds.


A Walk In The Woods

As I take a walk in the woods, I feel uplifted and comforted, inspiring me to take on new challenges of the world.


Neverending Affection

There are some who shower genuine love and care with no expectation of rewards in return. These gestures remain etched in our hearts.


Flight and Beyond

When your flight is coming to an end, do not despair, for there is always more to expect beyond the horizon.


Will You Remember Me

Our meet is coming to an end. As we part with fond memories, I wonder ...


words by Chester Tan.