• CHOICES Dec 2004 Review (excerpts)

... The songs in Timeless somehow provide listeners with that therapeutic and endearing experience. 3/5 STARS

(CHOICES is distributed to all JCs, polytechnics and universities. Get your copy from your library, canteen, Student Union Ofice & Student Hall Lounge.)

  • <优周刊> No. 187 "You Weekly" Review (1 Dec 2004) - excerpts

...如果你喜欢KEVIN KERN 的演奏风格,你也能轻易接受他的音乐。曲目如THE GARDEN OF ETERNITY", "THE FLIGHT OF LIFE" 等,悠扬琴声中带着不同心情,淡然,忧伤,理想或愉悦,是他对人生的理解和演译。 3/5 STARS

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