28 Jul 2006: Warner Music releases Piano Spa 2. Songs from the album 'Timeless' are now re-released in the new 3CD collection of relaxing music.

26 Feb 2005: Chester has been invited to perform at the SMU Business Week Dinner and Performance event on 2 Mar 2005. Besides performing songs from Timeless the album, Chester will also be the guest judge for the evening singing competition.

12 Dec 2004: Photos of Chester's first public performance can be found here.

10 Dec 2004: The LIME magazine CD giveaway contest has ended! Congratulations to the following 5 guestbook entries! They will receive a complimentary copy of Timeless the album.

1. Stella
2. Clarissa
3. Skyblue
4. Andy
5. Melvin

5 Dec 2004: Chester will perform at Tampines Mall outdoor stage (Open Plaza 4th level) on Sunday 12 Dec from 3pm to 4pm. Catch him perform songs from Timeless as well as soon-to-be-released album, 音乐 SPA.

29 Nov 2004: Get your copy of "You Weekly" magazine No. 187 issue from 1 Dec. There will be a review on Timeless the album. 记得购买这周第187期的<优周刊>。里面会介绍 Timeless 专辑。

26 Nov 2004: Tune in to Capital Radio 95.8FM on 27 Nov at 3.15pm to listen to a radio interview with Chester where he discusses about the album.

20 Nov 2004: Timeless Mobile WAP site is launched! Visit on your mobile phone to download free mobile wallpapers and access sales location on the go!

17 Nov 2004: Timeless the album is sold out at HMV The Heeren within 5 days of launch!

15 Nov 2004: From today, Capital Radio 95.8FM is giving away Timeless CDs daily!

13 Nov 2004: Timeless the album will be launched at limited music outlets due to distribution delay over the public holidays. We appreciate your understanding.

1 Nov 2004: Timeless website officially launched.


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