Chester is a classically trained pianist since the age of 5. He started composing original music in 1996 after being introduced to computer MIDI sequencing. His first project was his university hostel musical production in which he composed a few songs, arranged many others, conducted vocal training, and played the male lead role.

A self-introduction taken from his recent interview:
"I started my music education from young. Under the encouragement of my parents, I took piano lessons. Along the way, I had the opportunity to receive violin lessons, choral training. I was not a musical prodigy nor did I win any piano competitions, but I am the only child in my family that is musically-inclined.

When I was 18, I remembered improvising on the piano and began to enjoy these sounds that I play, coz it felt very close to me, as if the music is a reflection of my emotions. But my improvisational inspirations proved too short-lived for me to pen them down. All these changed when I went into University and I was introduced with MIDI. This fantastic method allowed me to record anything that I play on an electronic keyboard into the computer, and I can simply edit the notes, dynamics, add accompanying instruments, drumbeats. From that moment, I started composing, and I composed a lot, for our University musical productions, for myself, for my loved ones."

The Flight
Over the years, Chester has written music for 4 original stage productions, composed over 100 original works, and several extensive music reproduction projects, including recreating the soundtracks for Les Miserables and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which were used for local school performances.

Timeless contains some of his favourite pieces for the past 8 years. Experiences in life are the source of his creative inspiration.

“Timeless the album is about remembering the past, treasuring the present, and looking forward to the future,” he says. “This album is a collection of my memories and inspiration over the past 8 years.

“Being an introspective person, I draw lots of emotions within me from which I expressed through music. For example, ‘The Flight of Life’, one of my earliest compositions, is my interpretation to life’s journey. ‘Falling Leaves’ is really about the pain of the demise of your loved ones as they leave gracefully, very much like the falling of leaves on a tree during autumn. ‘Raindrops on My Piano’ is how I imagined a song may sound when heavy raindrops were to fall on my piano keys, each playing a note.

“After listening to Timeless, it gives you a better understanding of how I interpret life. In ‘Never Believe in Love Again’, instead of anger and despair, my interpretation is one of disappointment and a loss of self-confidence. ‘Song for a New Love’ is not a chirpy tune because it is a feeling of appreciation that is not devoid of the pessimistic uncertainty of what lies ahead.”

Dreams of Tomorrow
Despite also producing commercial pop songs occasionally, Chester is most passionate when composing instrumental piano music. “Music is a universal language. With no words or lyrics, I allow the listener to interpret each song in his or her own way. Each song becomes a music diary.”

With the release of Timeless the album, Chester reaches another milestone that he has pursued for 8 years. Now he is ready to move on to the next chapter of his musical journey, ready for more Dreams of Tomorrow.


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